Australia’s hottest new swing dancing competition
and social dancing weekend
August 16 – 18. Melbourne.


What is Lindy Royale?

Lindy Royale is a weekend party full of cracking comps, juicy social dancing, and all the love of our incredible swing dancing community.

The Friday night opening party will host two impromptu comps to set the mood and whet your appetite. On Saturday afternoon the gloves come off with all manner of heats in amongst plenty of social dancing. On Saturday night get ready to get raucous with wild finals in formats sure to have you cheering for your favourites! Plus plenty of social dancing and the inaugural Disco Royale Finale! Sunday afternoon features our teams and showcase events. Then Sunday night is party time, with the awards presentation and celebration of all your effort.


We do it for the rush. We do it for the camaraderie. We do it to push ourselves to new heights. Comps are not about beating others; they’re about bettering ourselves. Whether you’re into lindy hop, balboa, collegiate shag or solo jazz – show us what you got! Get together with your mates and create a team or showcase routine.

Comps will be spread across Saturday and Sunday.


Social Dancing

What a killer weekend for social dancing! Lindy Royale is not only about comps. The social dance floor is the heart of swing dancing. Enjoy three nights of social dancing to your favourite bands and DJs! Perfect for those who don’t want to compete, and those who need to shake out their nerves.