Competitor Info


All-skate: Where all couples in an event dance on the floor at the same time. 
Shines: Where one couple takes the floor to dance on their own during a phrase by phrase jam. Couples keep rotating through until they have all had the correct number of shines. i.e. 1 phrase is equal to 4 x 8’s (Jazz phrasing) or 6 x 8’s (Blues Phrasing). 2 phrases are equal to 8 x 8’s (Jazz phrasing) or 12 x 8’s (Blues Phrasing). 
Spotlights: Where one couple at a time takes the floor to dance on their own for a set time or number of phrases. Usually a longer period than shines. Each couple gets a different song.
Battle: Two couples dance at the same time against each other. Judges choose one couple to advance to the next round.

All divisions have caps on competitor numbers, so please register quickly. Should there be too few entries in any division to run heats, an instant final will be run. All competitions will be held to music by our Comp DJ, Trevor Hutchinson. All events with a shines or spotlights format may include a short un-judged all-skate before and/or a judged all-skate after the shines or spotlights. The number of phrases and shines for each event will be announced on the night, to encourage improvisation rather than pre-choreographed sequences. 

Please note: Event details are in DRAFT FORM ONLY. The organizers reserve the right to alter the order of events or formats dependent on number of entrants and time constraints. Running order and number of heats/finals will be confirmed to competitors by email after registrations close, when we know numbers of registered competitors and therefore which events require heats or will be instant finals etc. Significant changes will then be advised on the Lindy Royale website and other social media and on the night as needed.


Competitors in all categories are required to demonstrate a majority of recognisable swing content. This may include swing dances such as lindy hop, balboa, shag, blues and charleston. Aerials are allowed in all events.


Places will be awarded to first, second and third places in all categories.


Lindy Royale uses the Relative Placement system. Judging Criteria may include:

Technique: The ability of the dancers to use core dance and movement technique to execute all of the criteria below. 
Lead & Follow: The skill of clear leading and following techniques that enable the flow, individual expression, moves, musicality and execution of the dance. 
Timing: How well the dancers stays in time with the music and their partner.
Entertainment: The showmanship and entertainment value of the competitors. The dancer’s ability to engage the crowd. 
Level of difficulty: The complexity of the moves and interaction between the couple, lead and follow ability and connection. Improvisation will also be considered under this criterion, being the ability of the dancers to execute moves to the music that are clearly not scripted/choreographed moves (except the Showcase and Teams divisions). 
Musicality: How the music is interpreted by a dancers, suitable expression of the music, use of musical highlights, understanding and expression of musical phrasing.