Competition Categories

Beginner Lindy

This category is only for beginners. To enter, you must have started swing dancing on or after 1 January 2018, and you may only enter this category once. You must enter as a couple. You don’t need to worry about spotlights or phrase formats – all couples will dance at the same time for 90sec – 2mins.

Format: All-skate
No heats: Instant final
Tempo: 130 – 170bpm

Open Strictly Lindy

You’ve probably been dancing for 2 – 5 years and have started venturing into the world of comps. You might be a member of a performance troupe. Being an “Open”, there are no restrictions on experience to enter this category, however you can only enter one of the Open Strictly, or the Lindy Royale – you cannot enter both. You must enter as a couple.

Heats: All-skate
Finals: Battle format
Tempo: 130 – 200bpm

The Lindy Royale

Our headline event! This is the big one: the advanced strictly lindy! The ultimate challenge. If you love fast dancing and high-flying aerials (optional, but encouraged) this would be the place for you! Note that you can only enter one of the Open Strictly, or the Lindy Royale – you cannot enter both. You must enter as a couple.

Heats: All-skate
Semi-finals: Battle format
Finals: Battle format
Tempo: 250 – 290bpm

Strictly Balboa

Balboa lovers, this is your chance to showcase this beloved vintage swing dance. You must enter as a couple and dance Balboa (Pure Bal and/or Bal-swing).

Heats: All-skate
Finals: Spotlights
Tempo: 200 – 250bpm

Strictly Shag

Shag Cats, now’s your time to shine! It’s sharp, it’s energetic and it’s quite possibly the fastest-growing swing style around. You must enter as a couple and dance Collegiate Shag.

Heats: All-skate
Finals: Spotlights
Tempos: 190 – 230bpm

Solo Jazz

Strut your stuff solo, from 1920s charleston to 1940s vernacular jazz. Be ready for a wide variety of tunes, anything from cruisy to wild. Enter solo and duel to the finish line with the electrifying battle format.

Heats: All-skate
Final: Battle format
Tempo: 100 – 280bpm

Open Mix & Match

Enter as a lead or follow and dance with 3 different partners in the heats to 3 different speeds. Judged separately. Finals are shine format, 1 partner, judged as a couple. Open to anyone to enter, but you can only enter one of Open Mix & Match or Advanced Mix & Match, not both. Tempos are between 130 and 190.

Advanced Mix & Match

Same text as Open M&M. If you’ve placed in an Open Mix & Match before, we’d recommend moving up to the Advanced Mix & Match. Tempos will be between 130 and 230. Pre-lims will be an all-skate. Semi-finals will be battle format. Finals will be shines.


Choreograph your own routine – solo or couple. Will be performed at our Sunday afternoon Showcase and Teams event.


Teams of 3 or more choreography your own routine. Will be performed at our Teams & Showcase event on Sunday afternoon. Any swing genre.