1. What is Lindy Royale?
Lindy Royale is Melbourne, Australia’s newest swing dancing competition weekend.

2. Is this the new AJC?
This event has effectively replaced AJC, but is a new event with a new format.

3. Why is this event over multiple days?
This gives more time for social dancing and allows competitors a clearer focus by having the teams and showcases categories on a separate day.

4. What happened to Fast Foot?
Fast foot has been effectively replaced by the Lindy Royale. If you’re looking to throw aerials, this is the place to do it.

5. Do I have to buy a pass if I don’t want to compete?
The cost of entry is a social pass. Competitors pay for each category they compete in. Everyone buys a social pass.

6. Can I enter multiple Lindy categories?
You should only dance in one level of strictly or MnM. If you intend to dance in your non-dominant role, please also consider whether that automatically means you should drop down a level. Leading/following is just one aspect of dance.

7. Are there going to be spectator passes?
Yes. Spectators can come.